Thread: Borland C++ Builder question

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    Borland C++ Builder question

    I just wanted to know how to change the font style of a control in C++ Builder on the fly. For example, suppose that the following occurs:

    TPanel* Panel;
    Panel = new TPanel(Form1);

    //What do I write here?


    I know that, for instance, if I wanted to change the font name to Times New Roman, you would just use the following:

    Panel->Font->Name = "Times New Roman";

    But there is no analogue for changing the font style; for instance, both of the following throw errors:

    Panel->Font->Style = fsBold;
    Panel->Font->Style->fsBold = true;

    I've tried a couple other things, but nothing actually works. Any ideas?

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    Panel->Font->Style = TFontStyles() << fsBold;

    TFontStyles is a 'Set' - a class. Essentially what you are doing is creating a new empty one, setting bold to be true and assigning the whole thing to Panel->Font->Style.
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    That worked perfectly, thanks. It seems like a pretty bad implementation of that feature on the part of Borland, though, mainly because it's a bit of a departure frome the rest of the framework and they don't seem to document that syntax anywhere. Oh well, I'm glad you knew how to do it.

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