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    Question Delphi Source Code

    I may have posted this in the wrong section since I'm using Windows.

    Downloaded Source code off of source forge net. Its in Delphi. Can it be converted to C or C++. Its to view PE files. The person is abandoning the project. Which I think is a shame. I can't afford a delphi compiler. If anybody knows if delphi code can be coverted to C++ or C. Please tell me how. I would like to try and piddle with this thing. If it can be done in C. Then I can use pelles compiler. If C++ then I'll have to use watson compiler. Thats if it can be done and with which editor. I can find C/C++ to delphi but not the other way.

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    im pretty sure it cant be

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    Yes, it can if you know what the code does. If you do, then just convert all of that to C/++ code...if you don't, then think of a way to do it.

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    >>Its to view PE files<<

    Peering Inside the PE: A Tour of the Win32 Portable Executable File Format.
    Under the hood.
    Portable executable file format.

    You may have better luck asking at a delphi forum for assistance in translating the existing delphi source to c/c++. Failing that, the above links should hopefully get you started 'reinventing the wheel'.

    edit: You may also find the source for MinGW's PExports of some interest.
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    >Its in Delphi. Can it be converted to C or C++

    Delphi makes use of a set of class libraries called VCL (also CLX). The same libraries are supplied with Borland C++ Builder (which is Delphi for the C++ language). For the most part, you would only need to transpose the Pascal syntax to C++ syntax.

    Having said, that I'm not sure how long BCB and VCL/CLX is going to be around. The nearest alternative to VCL for C++ that I'm aware of is wxWidgets which is open source.
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