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    Combo Box Problem

    Im working on a problem with the combo box, and when i click an item in the combo box i want it to do something. Say i click the second item in the combo box, i want the program to disable some items. but i dont know how to put this in the wm_command statement. this is what i have right now:
    case ID_COMBO_BOX:






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    Please use code tags.
    case WM_COMMAND:
      HWND hCntrl;
      WORD wId,wNotifyCode;
      wId=LOWORD(wParam);         /*cntrl id*/
      wNotifyCode=HIWORD(wParam); /*notification msg*/
      if (hCntrl && wNotifyCode==BN_CLICKED)
        /*all button control 'click' msgs trapped*/
        /*differentiate between buttons using id*/
        switch (wID)
          case ID_COMBO_BOX:
            /*do stuff*/
    This information is detailed in the msdn description for WM_COMMAND and BN_CLICKED. You should probably read up on button controls, too.
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