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    Weird error

    I'm getting this error every now and again in my application.. It only comes up when I start the program and it doesn't always come up..

    I use a random number to determine the hand you are dealt in this program (card game) and so I executed 20ish instances of the program to see what sort of good hands you might get dealt straight up and to make sure that it is working by taking cards out of the deck properly..Anywho on the 21st instance I got this --

    "The exception unknown software exception (0xc00000fd) occurred in the application at location 0x77f52cd0."

    I've tried to replicate it and it comes up after different numbers of instances, not a set number.

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    That's a stack overflow.

    Maybe some infinite recursion somewhere.....


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    oh :| not good... alrighty, I have a few loops so I'll have to try and narrow it down..

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    >> at location 0x77f52cd0

    Build a map file and see if it's in your code.


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    Forgive my ignorance, but what is a map file?

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    In VC++ 6.0 project settings, Link tab, General, there's a check box for "Generate mapfile".
    This will create a ".map" file in the output directory.

    The map file shows where all the code is loaded in memory.


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    You can also type "drwtsn32" in the run dialog and get the assembly around where the exception occurred (assuming it is caught by the JIT debugger and not Visual Studio's debugger, etc).

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    Just use a debugger man.
    Build the debug build, run the program in the debugger (F5 if you're using a microsoft visual c++)
    Instead of a bunch of hex, it will point you at a line of code.
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    I'm using Dev-C++ and the integrated debugger is buggy for lack of a better word.

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