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    Question Simple MDI Aplication

    Sorry for sucha basic question but can anyone explane me how to open a simple .txt document thru a MDI project and how can I write into a MDI Child window and save what i've wrote..... unfortunetly i've spend more then one hour looking for tutorial for this issue and although I found out a bunch of other stuff I didn't needed (like changing the background color of the Child window), I can't still figure out how to write into one...... if someone could point me to some basic tutorial in the net, i would be very aprechiatted..... thanks......
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    where I used as a resource and a learning tool when designing my OST2 compiler was There are a series of tutorials that lead up to creating an MDI interface and they teach it pretty effectively. However, you'll have to tinker around with it a bit, because the tutorials don't explain EVERYTHING about the MDI.

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    If you're using mfc then the multipad example may be of some interest.

    If using winapi then, in addition to jverkoey's fine recommendations, Using the Multiple Document Interface may help answer some of your questions. There's obviously a winapi version of 'multiedit' but, unfortunately, I can't find a link to it.

    Generally, if you make an edit or richedit control a child of an mdi child window then you would just read/write to that control as you would normally, ie with GetWindowText, SetWindowText and various selection and replacement messages. Opening and saving files would be accomplished with your preferred file io functions - winapi (here), c (here) or c++.
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