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    Post An "throwing exception" issue

    I was planning to build a small app in C++ or even C to run another 2 Win32 apps, in the following manner: The app tries to run the first .exe, and if it is not successful, runs the second .exe.
    I tried something like this:
    try { 
    system("start something.exe"); 
    } catch (<exception, don't know what>) {
    system("start another.exe");
    Well, it didn't work... can anyone help me on this one? Thanks a lot!

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    The system function does not throw as far as I know, so try and catch blocks won't work. If you wan't to check to see if a file exists, you should look into file input/output.


    Info on system() function

    C++ exceptions (found randomly on google)
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    ...Or use ShellExecute() or CreateProcess() which return a value which indicates if the program was started successfully.

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    Thank you guys! I didn't know system() can't throw (newbie!)... Thanks!

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