Thread: file I/O unicode

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    file I/O unicode

    hello , does any one know how to write wide chars to a file using i/o
    [C/win32 api]

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    Using winapi, you would open a file for writing with CreateFile and use WriteFile to write to it. Just make sure that the nNumberOfBytesToWrite parameter of WriteFile is set to sizeof(TCHAR)*number_of_TCHARs_to_write (UNICODE defined!) or, sizeof(WCHAR) if you explicitly need to use that type. Don't forget to CloseHandle on the file when you're done.

    Here's the file io api functions; ReadFile is for reading. You may also be interested in IsTextUnicode if you're intending reading these wide char files you're writing.
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    thanks ill try it

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    You could also use Standard C File I/O routines if you want.

    Notice that all the character and string I/O routines have a wide, uincode version as well. For example, fwprintf() and fwscanf().


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