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    Hex editor

    Does anyone know of a hex editor which I can use to narrow down the location of a variable or something? Like I know the value at instance 1, and then in instance 2 it will change in the file (a custom format I made it's binary written so it should work no?) .. anyways I want to find all the values that change from instance 1 to instance 2 in the file so that I can narrow down the location and see if I can change it, effectively hacking/cracking my program.

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    I like Hex Workshop.


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    Cheers, downloading away.

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    Ok, I have it but I'm clueless ... How can I narrow down the offset?

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    it's kind of an art form. There are certain indicators though. You can usually pick out ascii data pretty easy because it falls in a certain range (and shows up on the right as printable characters). But other data you have to be more clever.

    For instance an integer is 32 bits. 4 bytes and will show up low-order heavy most of the time. On an intel architecture, that means the values will show up on the left side of the 32 bits. Intel is lil-endian. Floating point is more difficult. Someone can post a link for that format. I don't feel like searching. There is an IEEE standard for this which includes a sign bit, an exponent and a mantissa value.

    If this is not enough, post the hex here and maybe we can give you some clues.
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    I know in memory the i386 family is little-endian I would have thought it'd be the same in the binary files.

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