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    Wide char problems

    ok well what im doing is making a program that sends text to a program..
    the thing is i need it to be able to send unicode chares like

    and so on
    heres what i have so far

      case WM_COMMAND:
        if ( (HWND) lParam == hwndButton1 ) {
    		POINT pt;
    		char go[] = "hook set";
    		hackedh = WindowFromPoint(pt);
    		SendMessage(hwndEdit, WM_SETTEXT, (WPARAM) sizeof(""), (LPARAM) "");
    		SendMessage(hackedh, WM_SETTEXT, (WPARAM) sizeof(go), (LPARAM) go);
    		PostMessage(hackedh, WM_KEYUP, (WPARAM)VK_RETURN, (LPARAM)0);
    	if ( (HWND) lParam == hwndButton2 ) {
    		WCHAR TextBuffer[128];
    		SendMessageW(hwndEdit, WM_GETTEXT, (WPARAM) sizeof(TextBuffer), (LPARAM) TextBuffer);
    		SendMessageW(hackedh, WM_SETTEXT, (WPARAM) sizeof(TextBuffer), (LPARAM) TextBuffer);
    		PostMessage(hackedh, WM_KEYUP, (WPARAM)VK_RETURN, (LPARAM)0);
    now when ii try to send chars like that it comes up as ?

    also hwndEdit is a rich text box

    please help..thanks

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    Well do you have UNICODE defined? I don't usually use WCHAR, I use TCHAR. In non unicode it evalutes to a char and in unicode, a wide char. Maybe that is what is happening. Also don't explicitly call the Wide versions of functions, the compiler will call the correct version for you. Just use SendMessage.
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    got it

    ah thanks for the reply..i worked it out thou
    needed to use GETTEXTEX to read from the rtf box

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