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    Creating system tray icon popups

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to design an application that runs entirely from the system tray. One of the main features of this application will be to intermittently display messages containing various information to the user.

    I would like to display the information through "popups" that would appear just above the system tray. This would be similar to the popups displayed whenever a user logs into or sends you a message through MSN Messenger. Or also the kind of message you receive when there is an OS update available from Microsoft.

    I did manage to find some information on how to design "balloon tips" that look like yellow comic book dialog boxes. However, only the newest versions of Windows support that feature and they are not as customizable as I would like (I would like to have a title, hyperlinks, pictures).

    If anyone could offer some information on how I would go about designing customizable popup dialogs above the system tray I would be very grateful.


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    I'm not exactly sure as to how you would go about implementing this, but I'm pretty sure that the window that pops up for msn messenger is actually a complete window that is animated, skinned and shows text. I used Spy++ to grab the handle of one of them and it said that basically it operates as a normal window.

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