Thread: Printing using DrawText() or TextOut()

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    Printing using DrawText() or TextOut()


    I am printing information from combo boxes and edit boxes out on paper, and at the moment I am using DrawText(). But I don't know how to get it to draw it in a different place. I looked at TextOut() and it had int x and int y, so like coordinates. Would that be better for waht I am doing or does someone know how to move the draw text around?

    Here is my code so you can see how it is being done.

    void CDEPDlg::OnPrintEditControl() {
    	//// Create a printer DC    
    	CPrintDialog dlg(FALSE);     
    	CDC dc; 
        #if 0 //Show print dialog.    
    	if (dlg.DoModal() == IDCANCEL)        
        #else //Don't show print dialog.   
    	PRINTDLG prtDlg;    
    	AfxGetApp()->GetPrinterDeviceDefaults(&prtDlg); //Should check for error.   
    	dlg.m_pd.hDevMode = prtDlg.hDevMode;   
    	dlg.m_pd.hDevNames = prtDlg.hDevNames;    
    	dc.m_bPrinting = TRUE; 
    	//// Now use the DC.    
    	//Get the page size.    
    	CRect printArea;    
    	printArea.SetRect(0, 0, dc.GetDeviceCaps(HORZRES), dc.GetDeviceCaps(VERTRES));     
    	//Start printing.    
    	DOCINFO docinfo;    
    	memset(&docinfo, 0, sizeof(docinfo));    
    	docinfo.cbSize = sizeof(docinfo);    
    	docinfo.lpszDocName = _T("Edit Control Print");     
    	dc.StartDoc(&docinfo); //Should check for error.    
    	dc.StartPage();        //Should check for error.         
    	//Draw the edit control contents.    
    	CString sText;   
    	dc.DrawText(sText, printArea, DT_NOPREFIX | DT_WORDBREAK); 
    	//End printing    
    Thanks for the help

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    printArea.SetRect(0, 0, dc.GetDeviceCaps(HORZRES), dc.GetDeviceCaps(VERTRES));
    Change the values there to modify the CDC::DrawText rectangle (or 'print area' as you have it). dc.GetDeviceCaps(HORZRES) and dc.GetDeviceCaps(VERTRES) are the maximum width and height respectively, the first two parameters, which you have currently set to zero, are left and top ( or 'x' and 'y', like TextOut).
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