Thread: Setting up a MSVC.NET 2002 project for Release mode

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    Setting up a MSVC.NET 2002 project for Release mode

    Okay...I did this once back a long time ago with MSVC 6.0, but I havent done it yet with .NET.

    I have attempted to use my knowledge of how things were done back in 6.0 and create a Release mode copy of my project instead of a Debug mode one, yet I have utterly failed.

    There are still 3 dependencies I need to get rid of, and cant figure out how:

    msvci70.dll msvcr70.dll msvcp70.dll

    Anyone got a clue how to do it? I have searched all throughout the Project Settings and cannot figure out how. I have it on NDEBUG (not _DEBUG), and I have it on Multithreaded DLL (not Multithreaded Debug DLL). Also as far as I can see all the .lib dependencies check out...unless I am stupid and don't know that one is actually a debug lib and shouldnt be there or should be changed....
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    Can't you just change the active mode to Release? Or are there special settings with those DLLs that you need specifically set?

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    Yes, there should already be two default configurations - Debug and Release. You should be able to select the Release configuration, and then modify it to your liking (i.e. change the run time library to multi-threaded, etc.) You should have not needed to create this entirely yourself, nor should you be changing the default configuration (Debug) into a Release-style configuration, as you will not be able to switch back and forth quickly between the two.

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