Thread: where to post vc++?

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    where to post vc++?

    where do we post on vc++?
    in windows programming forum or in c++ programming forum?

    hey and while we r all at it can anyone tell me why i get an error in vc++ that says "error spawning somthing.exe" what does this mean?"something" stands for some file name.
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    It really depends on your problem. If the problem is something to do with the language, then go to the C++ forum. If it has things to do with windows etc, post on the Windows forum.
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    ... and usually that error, cl.exe for example, means your VC installation is incorrect. De-install it and reinstall. Don't try changing any of the locations until you are more familiar with the product.

    This is a very common problem with pirate copies as well, they don't work well.
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