Thread: ignore WM_MOUSEMOVE msg on menu

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    ignore WM_MOUSEMOVE msg on menu

    Ok, in my simple pong game I allow the user to use the mouse as a method of input. I simply use player.y = HIWORD(lParam). My program also has a menu and when accessing the menu, I think it generates a WM_MOUSEMOVE message. This causes player.y to use the new y-coordinate. It also happens when using the keyboard to access the menu. How do I ignore a WM_MOUSEMOVE message when it is generated by a menu?
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    Use a variable to track menu activation and set that variable in response to a WM_ENTERMENULOOP message and reset it in response to a WM_EXITMENULOOP message. By testing the menu state variable in response to a WM_MOUSEMOVE you can exclude any such messages that seem to be generated due to menu activation. Something like (for your wndproc):
    static BOOL bMenuState;
    switch (uMsg)
        return 0;
      case WM_MOUSEMOVE:
        if (bMenuState==FALSE)
           /* do pong stuff */
        return 0;
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