Thread: How to build Multi Form?

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    How to build Multi Form?

    Original Post in C++ Board:

    Hello all,
    Question again..
    Environment: MS Visual 2003
    VC++>>Windows Form Applications (.net)

    I would like to have two or more Forms in the application, and I add a new form (Form2) to it (I want to design the new form in the design mode rather than dealing with the code, because it is much easier). But after running, the new form (Form2) did not show itself, why? I add the statement:
    in the Form1.h, then the project cannot pass the compilation, the error is:
    Error C2352: nonlicet call of non-static member functions.
    Because I do not use the english language version, so the error message may not be exact, I just translate it...

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    Assuming you are using MFC and SDI, you create a new object from the form class. Call ShowWindow().


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    unfortunately, I am not using MFC...
    It is just Windows Form Applications in .net (VC++)
    Sigh, I am dealing with this problem for two days.

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