Thread: closing the Save_As dialog kills the application?!?

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    closing the Save_As dialog kills the application?!?


    I have a client application that I want to control. There are some buttons on that application's toolbar. Say clicking buttonA will process some stuff and ultimately display a Save_As dialog box.

    In my own win32 program, I have a toolbar with 2 buttons. Clicking the first button emulates clicking buttonA on the other application (which means a Save As dialog box will appear). Clicking the second button emulates clicking the "Save" button on the dialog box...

    Now, the WEIRD thing is: If I click the first button, then the 2nd button of my program myself, everything is fine. But, if I programmatically emulate the clicking of the two buttons, the dialog box closes, nothing is saved, and the client application gets killed too! Why is that?? I could provide the spy++ messages on the dialog box "Save" button if needed.

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated!
    Yee Seng.

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    Can you post some code?

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    Sounds like you are sending invalid messages in the emulation of the button clicks.


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