Thread: Recource Script Bug in VC++

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    Recource Script Bug in VC++

    I've been using the recource script editor in VC++ for the dialogs in my programs, but there is a weird bug in it that I can't seem to work around. For some reason, occasionally if you change the font on a dialog (other things may trigger it, I'm not sure) the GetDlgItem quits working with it, or any of it's controls. I checked recource.h for value conflicts, but even though there were some, fixing them didn't solve the problem. The only way I've been able to fix the problem in the past, is to redo the dialog, but does anyone know a better way?

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    Look at the dialogs script in the .rc file. Some versions of MSVC have errors in what styles they add. Check it has not added a style you do not want ie owner draw.

    Try saving everything and shutting the complier down. Restart and do a full rebuild.

    Make sure you are NOT using MSVC .NET 2002 (upgrade to .NET 2003 to fix many bugs).
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