Thread: WinAPI Wrapper and WndProc

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    WinAPI Wrapper and WndProc

    I'm creating a WinAPI / OpenGL wrapper class, and I'm wondering how to handle WndProc. How can you pass a pointer to it? Can it be a class function? Give me any ideas you have! Thanks!
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    well, winproc is just a function pointer in the first place, so you can actually add it to your class if you so choose. and to call a pointer to it , just use WNDPROC * :P.

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    Some pretty good examples over Here.

    Basically, the windows procedure needs to be a static method to work correctly, but this is rather inconvenient as a static method has no this pointer. It also means you can only call static member variables of your class.

    To get around this, you need to have a static message router. Basically a static version of the windows procedure that will route messages to a non-static version of your windows procedure.

    There are a number of examples in the thread above.

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