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    Arrow Preventing multiple MessageBoxes

    In a program I'm writting to practice while learning Windows, I often find myself having to inform errors to the user.
    Here is a quick example:
     int * starLoc = new int[133];
    	if (  starLoc == NULL )
    	{ // if no memory...
    		MessageBox(NULL,TEXT("Not enough memory to run this application."),
    		TEXT("Error."),MB_OK | MB_ICONWARNING );
    Here an array of intergers is created during a WM_PAINT, and if memory is not enough a MessageBox is displayed, and so it will be again and again if any client area region becomes invalid.
    I could send a variable to other functions to test conditions and see wheter a new MessageBox should pop or not, but I was wondering if there is any other way to deal with this.

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    There are several solutions. One is to use a boolean variable to indicate whether a message window is already visible.


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    What you have to realize is that MessageBox() contains a message-loop, which will send more WM_PAINT's to your window even though the last call to your windows procedure is still blocked in the call to MessageBox().

    What kuphryn is suggesting is that you use a static (or global) boolean variable to indicate that you're waiting on a result from a call to MessageBox() to prevent displaying anonther one.


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    Using a static variable is what I had in mind, but since I am completely new at programming I was just wondering if there was a common better way that people used.

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    I would guess that the more "common" thing to do is not have calls to MessageBox() in your WM_PAINT handler.

    Unless your debugging or verifying something, in which case you can use a static or global to prevent recursion


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    I tend to use OutputDebugString() - when in debug mode it will print any text to the debug window. But if you need to inform the user in the release build, then definitely a boolean variable to stop the messagebox called more than once, or as has been already stated, don't use it in a WM_PAINT message.

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