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    Post Sending a String to a Window

    Im working on a program that sends a string to the specified window, like an auto-typer.

    So far ive finished the code to actually find the HWND of the window i want to send the string to.

    Ive tried it out using notepad and it works fine:

    SendMessage(hWnd, WM_CHAR, 65, 0);
    Notepad seems to work fine with this, but when i try using:

    SendMessage(hWnd, WM_KEYUP, 45, 0);
    SendMessage(hWnd, WM_KEYDOWN, 45, 0);
    nothing happens...

    I think it might be a problem with the lParam, but i have no idea what value to set it to, i checked MSDN and my Win32 API Documentation, and they give me this table that i really didnt understand.

    Also, i do not want to use keybd_event or SendInput since they require the program to be in focus.

    Ive used Spy++ to see what messages get sent while normally using the program, and it sends WM_KEYDOWN then WM_CHAR then WM_KEYUP, ive tried doing that in the same order, but it doesnt show up.

    Notepad only received input when i sent the WM_CHAR message, so im trying to find out what value i have to pass into lParam to make it work.

    (I know its only a notification message, but i really dont know any other way, if theres a way to actually send the input to the program without it being in focus, then could someone please post it)



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    in openscript's IDE, i use sendmessage with a WM_CHAR message to set the tab spacing, and i do this:

    and that seems to work fine. WM_CHAR from what i've read is basically the same thing as pressin up/down at once, except it basically tells the edit box that you went through the whole motion.....methinks....msdn search might help....
    wheee! ^^

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    That works fine in notepad, but in the program im trying to send the string to, it doesnt do a thing.

    As i said Spy++ shows that it receives 3 messages (keydown, char, and keyup) when u type sumthing manually, ive tried doing that programmatically and nothing happens.

    Maybe its due to the fact that its just a notification message, or that Im not using the right values, because it doesnt work in notepad either (except for WM_CHAR).

    But thanks for the reply anyways.

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    And about the MSDN thing:

    Specifies the repeat count, scan code, extended-key flag, context code, previous key-state flag, and transition-state flag, as shown in the following table.
    Specifies the repeat count for the current message. The value is the number of times the keystroke is autorepeated as a result of the user holding down the key. If the keystroke is held long enough, multiple messages are sent. However, the repeat count is not cumulative.
    Specifies the scan code. The value depends on the OEM.
    Specifies whether the key is an extended key, such as the right-hand ALT and CTRL keys that appear on an enhanced 101- or 102-key keyboard. The value is 1 if it is an extended key; otherwise, it is 0.
    Reserved; do not use.
    Specifies the context code. The value is 1 if the ALT key is held down while the key is pressed; otherwise, the value is 0.
    Specifies the previous key state. The value is 1 if the key is down before the message is sent, or it is 0 if the key is up.
    Specifies the transition state. The value is 1 if the key is being released, or it is 0 if the key is being pressed.
    I dont understand a THING that says: does it mean if u use one of those values? or do u need a structure or sumthing and u have to use all of those values? could someone please explain?

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    Perhaps the program you are sending to only processes WM_CHAR messages and it hasn't got a call to TranslateMessage() in it's dispatch loop? Difficult to say on what's been given.
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    hmm to make a long question short:
    what value do i use for the lParam, and why?

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