Thread: help with menus example?

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    help with menus example?

    I am working my way through "Windows 2000 programing from the ground up" .After typing in a basic example of how to use menus (using a resource file, a header file and a main file)
    i receive an error in the header file

    : fatal error RC1004: unexpected end of file found

    this is what is in the file.

    #define IDM_OPEN 100
    #define IDM_CLOSE 101
    #define IDM_EXIT 102
    #define IDM_COLORS 103
    #define IDM_LOW 104
    #define IDM_HIGH 105
    #define IDM_FONT 106
    #define IDM_RESOLUTION 107
    #define IDM_HELP 108

    can anyone help please . I am pretty sure i type the other files correctly .

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    Go to the end of the last line, and hit enter to start a new line. Then recompile.
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    thanks for the suggestion but that still hasnt worked . Any other suggestions.

    It is also worth note that this is the first time i have tried using a resource file in a windows program so chances are i am missing something really stupid.

    I am using MSVC++6 should my menu resource file be typed into a text file?
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    I totaly ballsed up typing in the example and have now got it working.

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