Thread: Scroll button values!

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    Scroll button values!

    Hi, I have written a function to draw a mouse cursor and I was wondering if there is any function or way that I can use to use the mouse scroll button to control the cursor that I have drawn. Like if I roll the scroller up then the cursor that I have drwan moves appart from the actual windows cursor and if I scroll down the drwan mouse cursor comes near to the windows cursor. I am told there is c function to do it but I am not sure. I would very much appreciate any help.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi! some one told me to tell which os/compiler/ Window manager I am using..

    operating system is windows2000/ and compiler is borland c++ builder 5.0 but the thing I can use the windows function or can I ( I dont know) because I have drwan the mouse cursor using opengl. so is it still possible or is there any specific c function

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