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    Compilers for Windows

    Even after using the search function i cant seem to find a topic on what I wanted to know on compilers specifically so i'm just going to ask it here, What're the differences between the many compilers available? I know its personal preference which I use but I want to know what makes certain compilers unique

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    If you really mean compilers, well, some compilers will compile 1,000,000 lines in less then a minute, others take your lunch hour. Some produce really tight well optimised code, others great tracts of stuff. Some are standards compliant, others are not. Some will take several source languages, others are language specific.

    Give me a fast, well optimised standard compliant flexible one any day.

    Or did you mean the IDE? Now that is personal choice, some have features you like, but miss some you'd want. I use MS Visual Studio because on balance, what it lacks, I can pick up for free elsewhere.
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