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    Function can be implement in console application (dos), can function be implement when i use MFC appwizard?

    If not, how is it done ( i mean how to separate them into smaller modules ) if it involve a large chunk of code being run through with 1 click of a button in the window? ( with all the data manipulation codes in the button function )

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    It depends. If the function is your own and is bog standard C or C++ it should work fine. If it uses API routines, then it may not work unmodified. MFC has it's own versions of many API functions which do not necessarily take the same number of parameters.

    An example is MessageBox(), the API routine needs 4, the MFC version, only 3. You'll need to modify them, or escape them to call the right version of the call.
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    Oh.. ok, thank for the help.

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