Thread: Capturing text from ext. prog. opened by ShellExec

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    Capturing text from ext. prog. opened by ShellExec

    Hi, All!

    Here is my code so far...
    #include <vcl.h> 
    #pragma hdrstop 
    #pragma argsused 
    int main(int argc, char* argv[]) 
           AnsiString Url = 
                     "" + 
                     (AnsiString) argv[1] + "&zip=" + argv[2]; 
                     //ShowMessage( Url ); 
                     ShellExecute ( NULL, "open", "C:\\iexplore.exe", Url.c_str(), NULL, SW_SHOW ); 
          return 0; 
    I would like to somehow get into the browser window and import the HTML source into an AnsiString (or other) variable so that I can parse out the text and return the extended address' zip4 info as an integer back from the program.


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    You probably want to use some API (M$ has an API for everything) which just does an HTTP fetch of some description.

    Hopefully a real M$ programmer will be along shortly to tell you which one to use, if you haven't gone and found it already.
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