Thread: Problems with appendMenu

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    Problems with appendMenu

    Hi all,

    Im having problems with the below code. I am trying to add a new menu option to a menu. With the below code I get the menu, but its name is 4 squares (the unprintable control characters I believe?).

    Can anyone help me out?

    int CreateModuleMenu(HWND hWnd )
        UINT_PTR uIDNewItem;
        LPCTSTR lpNewItem=NULL;
        char zName[9];
        strcpy(zName, "&Modules");
        lpNewItem = (LPCTSTR)zName;
        AppendMenu(GetMenu( hWnd ),MF_STRING,3,lpNewItem);
        lpNewItem = NULL;

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    It looks like you are compiling as unicode. I'd suggest you do not compile as unicode until you are a little bit more experienced.

    Try to avoid casts unless you understand why the cast is needed.

    int CreateModuleMenu(HWND hWnd )
        return AppendMenu(GetMenu(hWnd), MF_STRING, 3, TEXT("&Modules"));
    >>but its name is 4 squares<<

    Each unicode character takes two chars. Therefore the 8 byte
    char * "&modules" is interpreted as a 4 character unicode string.

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    That did it, thanks anon.

    Im tweaking an open source Text editor to let me view some testing scripts in a readable format without changing their actual content.

    I didnt realize a unicode flag was set, but once I knew to look for it it was an easy fix. That cleared up some other cosmetic issues as well.

    Thanks for the tip.

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