Thread: I'm learning C++, but need an example..

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    I'm learning C++, but need an example..

    Hi, i'm learning to program in c++ for windows. Is it possible someone could make an example of a window with just a button on it? I learn best by just looking at the code and playing around with it... Thanks alot!

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    I don't suppose it crossed your mind that there may be, ohhh, hundreds of examples of small programs on the windows board?
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    Unhappy There are no simple Windows programs...

    There are some tutorials

    You can make a message box with one function, but making a program that actually runs in a window is a bit more complicated, and you'll probably need a book. Almost every Windows programmer has a copy of Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. Beware - I was shocked when I first opened Petzold's book and saw his first "Hello Windows" example. It's almost 2 pages long, and all but 2 or 3 lines are "special" functions, structures, and constants that are defined in <windows.h>. There are thousands of functions, structures, and constants in <windows.h>, and you need a book to explain them.

    If you're just learning C++, you should learn standard* text-based C++ before attempting to learn true Windows/GUI programming. On a Windows system, these text-based programs are called Windows console applications These programs run in a DOS-like Window.

    *The C++ language standard doesn't include graphics, mouse input, color, or sound. All of these are system/compiler specific features.
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    Ok! I finally got a button to work!! but it takes up the whole form... can someone fix that and show me what i did wrong? Thanks alot!


    lol, oh i know why it took up the whole form hehe..

    -code removed-
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