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    Dev-C++ Headers and Libraries

    How can I update my headers and libraries?? I looked at the MingW site but I was confused a little because I'm not sure exactly what I need to get.

    I need to use some specific functions, or at least would like to use them. My current stuff isn't up to date enough.

    Or should I just get the platform sdk and then try to port the requried stuff myself.

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    Short answer:


    Long answer

    If downloading from here or here then you will most probably be interested in the 'current' section. If you want to build things yourself then download 'src' versions, otherwise 'bin'.

    The simplest thing to get is the full MinGW distribution which includes compilers, tools headers, libs etc. (MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe, Sep 15, 2003). If you haven't updated since sep15th 2003 then download that one.

    The files in the 'windows api' section are just headers and libs and it's a good idea to ensure you are using the 'current' version of that (w32api-2.5.tar.gz).

    It should become apparent to you what the other files in the 'current' section are about by taking a look at the contents of a MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe installation and you can update each, as you require, to make them 'current'.

    If you want, you can try out the 'candidate' versions or even build the latest stuff from source.

    In any event it's a good idea to set up different MinGW installations, for example, a 'bare MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe' and an 'updated, current MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe' and fiddle around with them to get you comfortable with the differences.

    I recommend using msys (MSYS-1.0.9.exe) for command line work because it's far superior to the windows command shell - it should be easy to use if you are even slightly familiar with Linux BASH. Just make sure you install MinGW first to make msys installation as painless as possible.

    You shouldn't need to fiddle around with ms headers/libs except in extraordinary circumstances, for example, when an entire part of the sdk is absent from MinGW such as DirectX. If you need it use reimp to convert ms to mingw compatible libs.

    If you still find you are missing stuff from your win32api headers then you can always check against the most recent version by browsing mingw cvs and checking out the latest version of the problematic header. If the header there still seems to be missing what you need then you may have found a bug which you should report - you may even wish to provide a patch (see other posts at mingw patches to see how) - provided that bug hasn't been reported already.
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    After that, if you're still only missing a few functions that MinGW won't link statically to, consider dynamic linking via LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress().


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