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    Handling WM_NCPAINT

    How can I paint the border and caption of a window?? A small example would rock. I mean, I get the DC and I try to paint but it doesn't work like the WM_PAINT ...

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    If you are using GetDCEx as described in msdn's WM_NCCREATE page then that may be the problem. Apparently, there is an undocumented flag for GetDCEx which is discussed on this page ("Undocumented flags for GetDCEx").
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    Well I've tried but it just overwrites what I've done on the DC! If I move it off screen and on quickly it goes all garbled!

    How can I stop it reseting my changes?

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    How I did it --

    Windows paints over it right? So let it! As soon as it hits WM_NCPAINT send it through DefWindowProc..

    ie -- DefWindowProc( hwnd, msg, wParam, lParam );

    After that you are free to just do whatever you want.

    [edit:] Oh, and use GetWindowDC().
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