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    Tree View control not appearing

    In my program, I am using a Tree View control. Well, I thought I did everything that is needed to just show the Tree View (I have not coded to actually add elements yet, but I just want to see that the control was created properly). But it turns out that the Tree View doesn't show on the dialog. Any help? Here's the situation. The window calls a dialog, and on this dialog, I want to create the Tree View control. But, it is not so, because I don't see the Tree View control. Here is the code:

    case WM_SIZE:
                cxChar = LOWORD(GetDialogBaseUnits());
                cyChar = HIWORD(GetDialogBaseUnits());
                cxClient = LOWORD(lParam);
                cyClient = HIWORD(lParam);
                hwndAutoTree = CreateWindow(WC_TREEVIEW, TEXT(""),
                                    WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP |
                                    TVS_HASLINES | TVS_LINESATROOT | TVS_HASBUTTONS,
                                    cxClient - 124, 4, 120, cyClient - 8,
                                    hDlg, NULL, hInst, NULL);
                return TRUE;
    This is all the Tree View code so far, it is all within the WM_SIZE message. I thought this would be enough to just show the Tree View so I can see if it exists. Any ideas on how to fix this? Do you need to see more code?

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    Hmm, did you call InitCommonControls() before creating the Tree View control?

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