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    dropdown box blues

    this is an annoying problem i get in MSVC++6 (professional)

    when in the resource editor, happily making my dialog boxes and i soon come to the need of a dropdown menu. No problem, ive worked with these countless time sin HTML and PHP. But theres a problem..

    I cannot populate my drop down box from the resource editor like it says i can.

    I click the question mark and it gives me this:
    Enter listbox items
    Allows you to populate a listbox with data. Type the first item and press CTRL+RETURN to add another item.
    like everythings all hunky dorey and i have an option.

    everythings greyed out, am i missing a step?
    its properly defined in the header file
    its a droplist
    no owner draw

    thats it. Create and fill. Or at least so you think.

    Can someone help me here?
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    I had the same problem,

    just click inside the data box and add the items, you must use a cntrl+Enter to move down a line after each entry

    next go to the dialog dropdown box and place your mouse over the dropdown arrow, it will give you the option to resize. Drag this down a good ways, to allow all the data you have typed in to appear, then test the program, you should see your new items listed.

    you have to tell the dropdown box how far to display results by giving it the space

    hope that helps
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