Thread: ? to convert a C file to a (*.scr) file

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    ? to convert a C file to a (*.scr) file

    Can anyone tell me how to convert a C file that is compiled
    by a TurboC++ 3.0 compiler to a (.scr) file so that it can
    be run on windows platform.

    Merely renaming the executable file(*.exe run by TurboC++ compiler) to a (.scr) will not do.

    The file accepts the renaming as (*.scr) but the windows does not
    show it in the windows screen saver setting options.

    If we use VC++ we cannot open the <graphics.h> file as my
    C program includes that file.

    I know how to make a screen saver file in VC++.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Try the Windows Programming Forum. Actually, this thread will likely just get moved there by a moderator soon, so don't bother posting the same thing there.

    You could always Google for it. You'll get this link as your first hit.

    [edit]Fixed link.[/edit]
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    > I know how to make a screen saver file in VC++.
    Stick with VC++ or some other compiler capable of generating win32 executable files.

    > If we use VC++ we cannot open the <graphics.h> file
    No, you have to use the equivalent win32 graphics calls in windows.h etc.
    It's called "porting" your code from one platform to another.

    Something like this for example
    void dos_draw_line ( int x, int y ) {
        win32_draw_line( x, y );
    dos_draw_line() being an existing function in graphics.h which you use. You now write your own (as above) to use the win32 API.
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