Thread: URGENT!! Message Mix-up!

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    URGENT!! Message Mix-up!

    I've got a MAJOR problem on my hands and I'm looking for suggestions how how I can overcome it.

    Here is what I want my program to do, but no matter how I try to fix the problem, it never works!

    I've been writing a program, that starts with loading a (main) normal window. I've been trying to get it to open a new MDI window for monitoring program features and I've got nothing but success in the creation, except for one required message that locks the whole program. I want to be able to switch between the windows, by just clicking on it, and it pauses the one that is not in focus.

    I've code for this that worked well with SDI windows, but the MDI's required 'DefFrameProc' function locks the program, making both windows not respond. I comment the line out, and I can switch between programs just fine.

    Does anybody have any idea how I can still make both windows respond while keeping the DefFrameProc? Or have I not explained myself well, or am I SOL?

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    It's hard to tell without code but as a guess are you using DefMDIChildProc and DefFrameProc in the right places?

    >>I comment the line out, and I can switch between programs just fine.<<

    I don't think it would work without any default message handling. You're not passing the message to both DefFrameProc and DefWindowProc are you?

    The easiest thing would be to find some MDI sample code and figure out what you are doing differently.

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