I posted the fact that i released DarkCode1.6 a while back and i got numerous requests for fixes :\ So i took the most outraged one: Take all export/open menu items and put it under one function. So i did.

DarkCode is an authoring tool set out to be one of the better hard coding programs. I very much dislike programs that are WYSIWYG like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. However, DarkCode has many file extensions support, from HTML to PHP to Java to C++, up to and including littler known ones like QC (QuakeC) and NSI (NullSoft Scriptable Install System). DarkCode also comes equipped with the full HTML, PHP, CSS, and MySQL compiled HTML documentation help systems.

HyperTextFX is a new addition to the DarkCode family. While it bares a strikingly similar resemblance to DarkCode, it has its own purpose, its much more fancy. HyperTextFX is designed to create all those weird and wacky HTML special effects without the need of images. Such as 'Glowing Text' and 'Warped text' and the infamous Fading text. These effects are only available for IE. and nothing else (that ive tested). So the process of creating these effects is rather simple, and controlled with DialogBoxes. Mixing effects is easy to do as well!

Please tell me what you think of it. Its much appreciated.