Thread: using char with .substr()

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    Unhappy using char with .substr()

    I'm trying to use string variables with the fstream getline() and getting a conversion error.

    I need to use fstream for file input, but I also need to allow for spaces in my variables. the file I am calling is a fixed length file, so when I determine my variables from the file call it seperates the variables at any white space it encounters.

    if I use getline, I can't seperate the different variables according to the fixed lengths, can I?

    I tried using the .substr() and keep getting conversion errors?

    Please help, this is driving me nuts!
    I'd like to put Murphy and his laws in headlock sometimes!

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    One solution is to read in via std::getline(). Analyze the string object via, for example, find().


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    If you need more specific help, then you need to post an example of the file you're reading (assuming it isn't a binary file) and post the code that reads the file and parses the data.


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