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    Iam making a menu through code. I have created a handle to a menu at the top and drop down menus (e.g. File, Edit etc.) I attach the menu to a window created by CreateWindowEx. Having one menu makes no problems. When I added a second dropdown menu (edit menu beside file) the menu's are not functioning properly. How should I create a menu?

    I do this to add a menu item to a menu such as file

    AppendMenu(mnuFile, MF_STRING, mnuNew, "New CTRL+N");

    for the menu creating I do this

    mnuEdit = CreatePopupMenu();
    mnuHead = CreateMenu(); //What I attach everything too
    mnuFile = CreatePopupMenu();

    to attach it all to mnuHead

    AppendMenu(mnuHead, MF_POPUP | MF_STRING, (UINT)mnuFile, "File");
    AppendMenu(mnuHead, MF_POPUP | MF_STRING, (UINT)mnuFrames, "Frames");

    Then I pass mnuHead for the menu parameter in CreateWindowEx. The menu's function properly when there is one menu (file or edit) but when there is more than one menu I have to click and move my cursor over a menu item for all of them to apear. How can I fix this?

    Thanx in advance!

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    i remember doing it that way back when i had Bloodshed and was forced, but dont you think it would be easyer and more productive if you just used a Resource Editor? or do you have access to one?

    just my two cents because im in a hurry...
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