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    Question Sockets idea?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to code a wrapper for asynchronous WinSock...

    What I have planned out so far:
    -function 'startup()' (in namespace 'Sockets') calls WSAStartup() and also starts a new thread
    -when the thread starts, it creates a new invisible window (for messages), the handle of which gets stored as a static variable
    -The thread starts up a GetMessage() loop

    -Any new ASocket will call WSAAsyncSelect using the invisible window's handle, and will add an entry to a static std::map container using its SOCKET descriptor as the key and a pointer to itself as the value. Also, it will be passed a HWND as a parameter, which will be stored for later use.

    -The message handler for the socket messages uses the static std::map to find the appropriate ASocket object and set its 'readable', 'writable', etc. variables to true. After this, it re-posts the message to the HWND stored in the object earlier, in case the user wants to handle the message him/herself as well.
    Is this a feasible way to write a sockets wrapper? Personally, I think this way is sort of clumsy, but I can't think of anything else. Any ideas? Input? My goal is to keep my wrapper class as a "Plug 'n Play" code module sort of thing, while still providing easy functionality. Does anyone have a better way of doing this, or does my plan sound O.K.?

    P.S. I posted on the Windows forum because of the stuff about threads and windows, etc. and also because nobody ever replies on the networking forum
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