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    win98 Unicode dll

    on win98 if I use char instead of WCHAR when calling a function from a dll then will char be converted to WCHAR. I ask this because I get this error on win98 from a project developed on winxp;
    Warning : Cannot register Unicode DLL on Windows 95

    thanx in advance!

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    The dll is compiled to use unicode functions.

    For example, you can have:

    GetWindowTextA (Ansi)
    GetWindowTextW (Wide - unicode)

    GetWindowText is #defined to GetWindowTextW if UNICODE is defined or GetWindowTextA if it is not.

    The W version of functions are only available natively on Windows NT based systems.

    Your dll has been compiled with UNICODE defined and therefore uses these W functions.

    As the W functions are not available on Win9x the dll will fail.

    Typically, a dll supplier will provide a unicode version that uses the W functions for NT and an ansi version that uses the A functions for 9x.

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