Thread: Creating/Editing Bitmaps

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    Creating/Editing Bitmaps

    What I want to do is create an offscreen bitmap and access its pixel data by pointers then display it on a CStatic object.

    Seems simple but I've looked through the GDI Bitmap functions and I can't find appropiate functions. In other words, I have no idea how to get pixel data without copying the data in and out (GetDIBits, SetDIBits: inefficient).

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    try using creatdibsection it will give you a pointer to the start of bits on a bitmap then you can use bitblt to put it on an onscreen dc. after you have used createdibsection you must use createdc or createcompatible dc or other dc functions to create a dc then use selectobject to selete the dibsection with the dc then you may use bitblt. I don't know how to use createdibsection, hope this helps!

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    DIBs and Their Use

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