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    Optimise FindFiles.

    Following is a recursive find files implementation. Does anyone have any ideas on how to further optimize it?

    EDIT: No worries, I think this version is about as optimised as it is going to get.

    static HRESULT FindFiles(LPTSTR szPath, BOOL bDeep, LPTSTR pAsterisk)
    	/* FindFiles expects a modifiable string of MAX_PATH length
    	 * with trailing backslash and asterisk. eg. "C:\\my documents\\*" */
    	HRESULT hr    = NOERROR;
    	HANDLE hFind;
    	WIN32_FIND_DATA fdata;
    	hFind = FindFirstFile(szPath, &fdata);
    	*pAsterisk = TEXT('\0');    /* Remove trailing asterisk */
    	if (INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE != hFind) {
    		do {
    			if (pbj->bCancel) { hr = E_ABORT; break; }
    			if (!(fdata.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)) {
    				ProcessFile(szPath, &fdata);
    			else if (TEXT('.') != fdata.cFileName[0] && bDeep)
    				HRESULT hrSub;
    				TCHAR szChild[MAX_PATH];
    				LPTSTR szEnd;
    				SIZE_T cchRemaining;
    				if (SUCCEEDED(StringCchCopyEx(szChild, ARRAYSIZE(szChild), szPath,  &szEnd, &cchRemaining, 0)) &&
    				    SUCCEEDED(StringCchCopyEx(szEnd, cchRemaining, fdata.cFileName, &szEnd, &cchRemaining, 0)) &&  
    				    SUCCEEDED(StringCchCopyEx(szEnd, cchRemaining, TEXT("\\*"),     &szEnd, NULL, 0)))
    					hrSub = FindFiles(szChild, TRUE, szEnd - 1);
    				if (FAILED(hrSub) && E_ABORT != hrSub)
    					ReportError(MSG_ERR_FIND_SUB_DIR, hrSub, ET_WARNING2, __FILE__, __LINE__, szPath, fdata.cFileName);
    		} while (FindNextFile(hFind, &fdata));
    	else hr = HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError());
    	return hr;
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