Thread: Conflicting Header Files

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    i didnt i was just using the 2 headers as an example to show you guyz whati wanted to do in easy form...

    the actual code is like this:

    i have 1 header which includes 4 headers
    the 4 headers have 4 .c implementations

    the program is basically a custom class i use to create controls on my other programs

    So i want to make it a LIB so that i can link Class.LIB into my other programs and easily use the functions to add my custom and AMAZING controls

    Arent I so modest

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    Ah, I see. Misunderstanding I usually just include the headers instead of making .LIB's anyways, so I can custom-tailor the code to my specific needs on each program. Besides which, I don't know how to make .LIB's, and I'm too lazy/proud to learn
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    Well i would add the header files and source files but it just makes it look messy, i like neat code

    Besides, a LIB would make it much easier, since my custom controls are nearly finished, Id be able to use them much faster/easier using a LIB compared to adding 8 header/source files each time

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