Thread: Putting graphics on Visual c++

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    Putting graphics on Visual c++

    Like the subject line mentioned above, can anyone please tell me how do i put graphics into visual c++?? And what types of file could i put into it? And can i put them onto dialog boxes or such??
    By the way is it possible to incorporate flash files into a visual c++ program so that the program could load up the flash file to display...Or what programming software would i need to do so?

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    First off, let me take a quick guess: used to visual basic?

    Very simply put, there is no simple way to "put graphics into visual c++". First of all, "visual c++" is the editor/compiler that you are probably using to write code. The language is called simply "c++". Secondly, you do not simply load a file into an image object, like you would in VB (assuming that you ARE a VB coder). Using graphics means, for the most part, that you will need to learn to use Windows API to some extent, or if you're on some other platform, you'll need something similar (although maybe less ugly). Also, you'll need some sort of graphics library to do the actual drawing.

    The types of file you can use is pretty much anything, as long as you know how to interpret them and extract the image data. Yes, you can display images on dialog boxes. Yes, I'm sure you could incorporate flash files into a program somehow; it's just a matter of how difficult it would be.

    By the way, you could probably have done a board search and come up with pretty much the same results.
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    What about ative X?

    Somehow i can temporary put clip arts into the program using microsoft picture clip active X control but my question is they don't seem to want to compile...What am I doing wrong here??

    Thanks man!

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    Re: What about ative X?

    Originally posted by MelaOS
    ...What am I doing wrong here??
    I don't know.

    But maybe someone can help me.
    I just did something....and it didn't work.
    What am I doing wrong?

    How To Ask Questions.

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