Thread: Intercepting keyboard input

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    Intercepting keyboard input

    I was wondering, how is it possible to intercept keyboard input no matter what program is running? Reason being is that I was thinking of writing myself a background process that would intercept keyboard input and execute system commands based on it, such as adding the unix style "CTRL+D" to shutdown a the currently running program, and adding shortcuts so that I could type "CTRL+M" if I wanted to execute Morrowind?

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    anyone? this is an honest question.

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    >a background process that would intercept keyboard input
    search the board for keyboard hook

    A suggestion. Consider using the WIN32 APIs to set some system accelerators for the keys you want to grab. look up:
    • LoadAccelerators
    • TranslateAccelerators
    • CreateAcceleratorTable
    • DestroyAcceleratorTable
    • and the ACCEL struct
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    You don't have to write any code for starting a program; the shell already does this.
    Just create a shortcut to whatever program, goto its properties (via right-click) and give it a shortcut key.


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