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    i'm having trouble with window menus (i'm terrible at windows API. give me directX any day ).

    what i want to do is add a menu to a window being vreated with this call:

    //Create the debug output window.
    	hOutputWnd = CreateWindowEx( WS_EX_APPWINDOW, TEXT("Ghoul Runner Demo"), TEXT("Ghoul Runner Debug Output"), 
    										WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, 500,500,400,300,
    										GetDesktopWindow(), (HMENU)MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_DEBUG_MENU), wc.hInstance, NULL );
    	ShowWindow(hOutputWnd, SW_SHOW);
    as it stands, that code does not produce a window. If i change the HMENU parameter to NULL, it produces one (without a menu).

    i made the menu with a resource editor, and if i set it for the class menu it works fine. Am i incorrect in casting the integer resource to a HMENU?

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    The menu you associate with the registered window class (ie the lpszMenuName of the WNDCLASSEX passed to RegisterClassEx) is the one that the window should be created with - you don't need to use the HMENU parameter of CreateWindowEx as you have done.

    If you need to add/remove a menu at run-time take a look at LoadMenu and other menu functions.
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    cheers, i still find the api a bit of a minefield.

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