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    Exclamation IR Port

    Hello to all !!

    This is very important, so please help me !

    Who can i access the IR Port under Windows XP ?? What i want to do is to receive and send some bytes, not to open a complete IR connection.

    THX to all!!!

    C YA - Nuker

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    You can check this out:

    LEGO IR Port, theres a library that makes it easier to send/receive data over the IR port, it was originally used to control LEGO robots or something, but im sure you can tweak it to your own use.

    And you might want to look it up on Google

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    You can communicate directly with most IR devices through a COM port using normal Win32 serial communications.
    However, if you're trying to communicate with a device that uses the IrDA protocal, then you can use WinSock programming as that link shows.

    If you do want to read from the device directly, you can use the CSerialPort class from X PaYnE X's post, or you can use the class object in this thread to get you up and running with Win32 serial communications quickly (hope you dig C++).
    Just know that reading meaningfull data is going to be different from one IR device to the next, you can contact the manufacturer or look on the net for the specs on your device.


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    First of all, thx for your replies !!

    But there's still a problem : I don't have a specific IR component located at a serial port, but a build in IR component. The IR module isn't located on a COM port in WinXP ( I want to use the build in IR port of a modern Tablet PC ).

    And i don't want to create a complete IRdA connection, i only want to receive and send the raw datas.

    What i want to do, is to implement a remote control for TV, so I only have to send some sort of bytes which i have received from the original TV remote control.

    C YA - Nuker

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