Thread: get the data and plot the graph

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    get the data and plot the graph

    Dear All,
    i have data received from parallel port and how to plot them on the computer screen using visual c++? can anyone show me the simple program code? i have no such experience before. Thank u.

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    Create 2 separate programs.

    1. Create a program to read data from parallel port and fprintf() it to a file. Check that the text file which is produced contains the data you expect.

    2. Create a program to plot a graph from a fixed set of XY coordinates stored within the program
    int coords[] = { 0,0, 100,100, 200,200, 300,500 };
    When both programs work individually, think about joining them together.
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    Thanks for your quickly response,Salem.
    I have a program which can read the data from parallel port, but i expected not to save the data into a file, and plot the data on pc screen in real time. what library function i need to call?
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