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    Colored text...

    I'm trying to have syntax coloring for a text editor. I used GetDlgItemText to get the text, but I don't know how to color it. Could somebody please help?

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    This comes up periodically and a board search may help with some of your questions:

    Syntax highlighting

    Good luck.
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    Ha. I always forget to search :P

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    I remember when I was searching for one. I found alot of controls not free! Now Iam making my own. if you want a free one search for codemax on google. The first page will popup a link to yahoo. You have to register and join the group to download it though. Many of the free editers that I saw on the link above used this dll/control. Its hard to understand at first but after you learn you could do some neet stuff with it like syntax highlighting. Look at the Crimson editor for an example of how the CodeMax control looks like. The control is source code writen in c++.

    Hope this helps

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