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    Loading bitmap in dll

    I'm trying to load a bitmap in my dll. I have the resource defined and I've got the bitmap included in my project.

    If I do this I can use LoadLibrary and access the bitmap using LoadBitmap from my executable however I'm trying to load the bitmap in my dll itself to use in my WM_PAINT functions but alas it doesn't load.

    case WM_CREATE:
      grid = LoadBitmap(GetModuleHandle(NULL),MAKEINTRESOURCE(ID_GRID));
    if(grid == NULL)
     MessageBox(hwnd,"Unable to load grid.bmp!!","Error",MB_OK);
    return 0;
    I've defined the bitmap as:

    ID_GRID BITMAP "grid.bmp"

    ID_GRID is defined in the resource header as #define ID_GRID 5000
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    MSDN on GetModuleHanlde()

    If the parameter is NULL, GetModuleHandle returns a handle to the file used to create the calling process.
    Might want to put the DLL's name in there.


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    You champion!

    Thanks mate.

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