Thread: GetCursor pos troubles

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    GetCursor pos troubles

    Okey dokey I'm having some problems with GetCursorPos, it's giving me really bad coordinates... or maybe it's something else I'm unsure.

            if(sel[0] == 1)
        case WM_LBUTTONUP:
            if(sel[0] == 1)
              POINT pos;
              sel[0] = sel[1] = 0;
    sPos is defined at the top to keep it in scope for WM_LBUTTONUP.

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    Did you declare it as static? If not, chances are it'll contain garbage values for the UP message.
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    Are you intentionally allowing case statements to "fall through" to the next case?
    Missing some "breaks" perhaps?


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    Yeah I had fixed that after posting, it was messing up some other switch's as well ... I tried setting static POINT pos; but still it's going weird.

    It's actually not realy sPos that's wrong I think, the start of the retangle is usually right but it's the width and height that are way out of whack.

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    [edit:] Doh! Of course, so stupid!

    pos.x -= sPos.x;
    pos.y -= sPos.y;

    I wasn't actually adding distance relative to sPos relative to parent.

    Thanks anyways!
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