Thread: Why isn't this working?

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    Why isn't this working?

    int SaveClientInfo(HWND DialogHandle)
    	Client Cliente;
    	HWND NameEditBoxHwnd;
    	HWND NameEditBox;
    	char * NameOfFile;
    	char *FileToSave;
    	char *NameOfClient;
    	int iCount;
    	NameEditBoxHwnd=GetDlgItem(DialogHandle, IDC_NOMBRE);
    	//we incremente iCount to accomodate for the NULL character
    	NameOfFile=new char [sizeof(iCount)];
    	FileToSave= new char [sizeof(NameOfFile)];
        OpenFileName.hwndOwner         = NULL;
        OpenFileName.lpstrFile         = NameOfFile;
    	OpenFileName.lpstrFileTitle	   =FileToSave;
    	GetSaveFileName (&OpenFileName);
    	NameEditBox=GetDlgItem(DialogHandle, IDC_NOMBRE);
    	//we incremente iCount to accomodate for the NULL character
    	NameOfClient=new char [sizeof(iCount)];
    	ofstream fout(OpenFileName.lpstrFileTitle);
    	fout.write((char*)&Cliente,sizeof Cliente);
    	delete NameOfFile;
    	delete FileToSave;
    	delete NameOfClient;
    	/* I am having some serious problems with this stuff
    	upon closing the window the program crashes....
    	how would I free the pointer memory? 
    	delete Pointer;
    	Should  I do this here? 
    	Remember taht this is called more than once thruout the program
    	I think that it's because I am not freeing memory properly
    	return Success;
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    > NameOfFile=new char [sizeof(iCount)];
    Which is pretty much the same as
    NameOfFile=new char [sizeof(int)];

    You probably meant
    NameOfFile=new char [iCount];

    Or maybe
    NameOfFile=new char [iCount+1];

    The other sizeof() is probably wrong as well for much the same reason
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